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 Sterling Trends specializes in offering a wide selection of sterling silver cake pulls, charms, charm bracelets, and split rings for easy charm bracelet assembly. We give our customers the latest trends in the charm world--and charms that make a timeless memory.

Sterling Trends is owned and operated by charm enthusiasts in Maryland who know how special it is to celebrate life's charming memories. 

We are particularly excited to share the cake pull tradition with our customers. Cake pulls--charms attached to ribbon and hidden under the bottom layer of a cake, with the ribbon sticks out for guests to pull--began in Victorian England. The tradition later become popular in the southern United States but quickly spread in popularity. Today, we ship cake pulls all over the country and are thrilled that so many people are enjoying this memorable tradition. 

All of our charms are sterling silver and high quality. We offer free First Class shipping for orders over $25. We know that every charm tells a story, and we thank you for letting us be part of that dialogue. Charm someone today!