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What's Charming You?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being in the charm business is getting a glimpse into the stories behind the charms customers select. Sometimes someone selects a single charm that has special meaning, such as a one representing a pet or hobby. That single charm might be added to an existing bracelet, or it might be used to start a bracelet. Other times people create an entire bracelet at once that tells a story. 

For a bridal shower present, one customer put together a bracelet that told the story of the bride and groom. The couple met online, so the first charm was a computer. Their first date was a dinner date, so the next charm was utensils. A Golden Gate Bridge charm represented the couple's first trip together. Other charms represented where they chose to live and things they liked to do together (like boating). The last charm on the bracelet was a wedding ring set, representing the couple's imminent nuptials. 

Another customer chose a charm bracelet as a way to thank a favorite teacher. The apple, pencil, and A-Plus charms were prefect representations of the profession, and the gift was personal and much appreciated. 

Some bracelets come together with multiple people contributing. A group of friends--all of whom live across the country--organized a charm bracelet gift long-distance for a friend celebrating a milestone birthday. These friends knew the birthday woman from different chapters in her life, and each selected a charm that had meaning from how she knew her. The completed bracelet truly represented the birthday woman's journey in life. 

A twist on that milestone birthday bracelet was another customer's selection for a "sweet 16 bracelet." This customer made sure that the bracelet had exactly sixteen charms, and she wrapped each charm in its own packaging so the birthday girl had sixteen presents to open. She even received one to grow on, because the seventeenth present contained the bracelet itself. 

Whether containing a few charms or many charms, a charm bracelet can tell a story, bring back memories, and even inspire. Seeing bracelets come together and working with customers to find the exact charms they are looking for is one reason we come to work every day! Thanks for including us in your charming journey. 



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