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We're Going Beachy

We've talked before about cake pulls, when sterling silver charms attached to a ribbon are placed beneath a cake at the reception or bridal shower. Bridesmaids then pull the charms out from under the cake. Each charm has a special meaning that foretells the future, such as an airplane indicating a life of travel and adventure. Often, brides give their bridesmaids charm bracelets to go with the cake pull charms, and the bridesmaids end up with a personal wedding thank-you gift. A themed wedding cake pull set, such as our beach-themed cake pull set, can make that gift even more personal by incorporating the wedding theme. 

In the case of the beach-themed set, there is whimsy to be found in the cake pull meanings. The bridesmaid who pulls the mermaid will find her fortune predicts a life of fantasy and adventure. The lucky recipient of the dolphins has a playful spirit. Sunglasses and a sun certainly speak "beach" and represent a bright future and a radiant personality, respectively. The lighthouse charm speaks to someone who watches over others, and the jet ski is for the bridesmaid who will zoom ahead. 

The beach theme is a fun way to modernize the cake pull tradition, which actually dates to Victorian England. Oddly, some cake pull charms from this tradition's inception had a less than friendly meaning, like a thimble indicating spinsterhood. The beach-themed cake pulls present a positive message to each attendant and, for those who have a destination or nautical wedding, provide a special memory that will last long after the wedding is over. 

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