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What's Trending With Wedding Cake Pulls? We know!

While wedding cake pulls began as "ribbon pulls" in Victorian England and are now largely considered a Southern U.S. tradition (more on that here), we are increasingly shipping cake pulls all over the country. In addition to cake pulls gaining popularity nationwide, we have observed several other trends in this fun tradition.

For starters, cake pulls are increasingly used at bridesmaids' luncheons or bridal showers, rather than weddings. Some hostesses choose to give the pulls to all guests (not just the bridesmaids). Others purchase a bracelet and present all the charms pulled to the bride along with the bracelet. The bride then has a truly special way to remember her wedding event.

We are also seeing an uptick in themed cake pull sets, like our New Orleans cake pulls and beach-themed set. Having the pulls tie into the wedding location or venue is a little extra touch--and yes, per tradition, each charm in these themed sets continues to tell a fortune for its recipient.

Also, cake pulls are no longer just for cakes. We have customers who are putting the charms in cupcakes and others who are placing mini cakes with a single charm at each place setting. One creative use of cake pulls we found online was red velvet cakes with whipped cream cheese frosting and served in individual mason jars, with a single pull in each jar. How original is that?! 

Of course, the traditional method of placing the pulls beneath the bottom layer of the cake remains a great way to incorporate the pulls. But one twist on using all the pulls with a single cake is to bake a Bundt cake. This works especially well at the bridesmaids' luncheons and bridal showers we mentioned above. The pulls are placed in the center of the cake once it's done, and the ribbons trail out and over the cake edge. Add some fresh flowers in the center of the cake to hide the pulls and voila--the cake becomes an elegant centerpiece as well as a conversation piece. 

You can discover a variety of cake pull inspiration on our Pinterest board. We've had fun collecting ideas from other cake pull enthusiasts and think you'll come away inspired! As always, we hope you will charm (or be charmed by) someone today. 

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