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We have had customers create themed charm bracelets on topics like travel, horses, professions, and the like. But this time of year, as people start to think about the upcoming holidays, we see a lot of interest in cooking and baking-related charms. Whether a serious chef or an experimental baker, these charms are a fun nod to time in the kitchen. 

You can go all-in and proclaim yourself "Best Chef." This whimsical charm literally says it all on a cute apron! 


Or, represent your baking side with a Bundt pan charm. This gem is a great depiction of the real thing! Add a rolling pin and you truly feel the kitchen ambiance. 

For the chef who likes to season, season, season, how about a salt and pepper shaker set? You almost want to turn the crank on the pepper mill! 


And, for the chef who enjoys pairing that special meal with a special drink, round out a cooking-themed bracelet with a wine bottle or bottle opener charm. 

However you chose to represent your culinary side, charms can be the recipe for a personal and memorable charm bracelet. 


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