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Charm Bouquets Bring Special Memories To Weddings

Every bride deserves to be surrounded by family and friends on her big day. But when circumstances prevent a loved one from being at the ceremony, a charm bouquet can provide a way to remember the person the bride so wants to be there in a personal, special way. 

A charm bouquet incorporates a photo of someone near and dear to the bride. The photo is inserted in a charm photo holder and attached to the ribbon that holds the bouquet together. The bride can carry the bouquet with the charm facing out for all to see, or turn it towards herself, so it is close to her heart. 

Some brides enhance their charm bouquet with additional charms that reflect something about the person they are honoring. If the charm is for a parent who has passed away, add a charm that reflects a parent's interest or occupation. For example, if the charm is for a parent who served in the Navy or loved to sail, add an anchor charm. Or, go for the literal and add a charm that says "Mom" if the photo is of a mother. A heart charm is another option, and its dual significance as a symbol of love for the person being honored and love being shared at the wedding is certainly appropriate.

Of course, there is no limit on how many photo charms can be attached to the bouquet. Multiple photo charms can be placed vertically on the stem ribbon, or the charms can be placed in a circular pattern, wrapping around the stems. 

Once the ceremony is over, the bride can keep her charm(s) and start a charm bracelet. The charm will remind her of both the person pictured and the ceremony.

Sometimes wedding cake pull charms are part of the bridal luncheon or ceremony. Cake pulls are a tradition that date back to Victorian England, in which bridesmaids or bridal guests pull a ribbon from under the cake. Attached to the ribbon (but hidden by the cake until it is pulled) is a charm. Each charm tells the fortune of the recipient. For example, an airplane charm means a life of travel and adventure. While traditionally the bridesmaids pull the charms and keep them, some hostesses chose to have all the charms presented to the bride. If that's the case, the cake pull charms would be a perfect addition to a bracelet with a photo charm. The bride would have a complete collection of charms to help her remember her wedding.  

While nothing can be the same as having someone loved at a wedding, charm bouquets offer a way to keep that person's presence in the mind and heart of the bride on her big day. They are more personal than a candle and the fact that the bride can keep the charms and wear them after the ceremony creates a lasting memory. 

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