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Show Mom How Charming She Is

Some charm bracelets come together over time--people add charms from places they travel, or add charms as their interests evolve. Other charm bracelets are compete to begin with. For example, a sweet sixteen charm bracelet with sixteen charms representing the recipient's interests is ready to go. This time of year, we work with customers to create custom, complete mother's bracelets. These one-of-a-kind, individualized bracelets represent all the things that make Mom so special. 

A starting point for a mother's bracelet, of course, is a "mom" charm. From there, you can add a charm frame and make the bracelet truly personal with a photo of a child or children. 

Next, think about some of the children's activities that Mom might want represented on her bracelet. Maybe a daughter does ballet, or someone plays baseball--add a charm for that! If the kids are grown, add a charm that represents their professions

A little bit of whimsy is also a way to customize the piece. How about a tiara charm, because shouldn't Mom be treated like a queen? Or a popsicle charm, because Mom is so sweet? The possibilities are limitless! 

We offer complimentary keepsake cards to accompany Mother's bracelets. The cards say who the bracelet was created for and by whom, followed by a list of the charms and each one's meaning. Working with our customers to created these special bracelets is one of our favorite annual activities. Contact us at to get started making your Mother's Day creation! 

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