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A Charming Tradition

Selecting a charm to remember a special place, occasion, or activity is well known. But what about charms that foretell the future? That's the playful idea behind cake pull charms, also known as wedding cake charms. Originally a tradition in Victorian England, the first cake pulls were silver charms placed under a wedding cake by a bride. Ribbons attached to the charms peeked out from under the cake. At the reception, each bridesmaid would pull a charm out and learn what it predicted was in store for her. She received a rocking chair charm?  A long life awaits. A rose? Eternal beauty. 

Cake pulls subsequently became popular in the southern United States but eventually took off nationwide. Today, cake pulls enhance weddings everywhere. Some brides choose to purchase bracelets as bridesmaid gifts so the attendants can attach their charms and start a custom--and very personal--jewelry statement. A more recent twist on gifting the charms is to include cake pulls at the bridal luncheon. Charms are then collected and given to the bride, and voila! She has a special way to remember her luncheon. 

Brides can choose white ribbon for cake pulls or select ribbon that matches their wedding color scheme. There is also variety in the types of charms included with the pulls. Some sets are more traditional and reflect the Victorian beginning of the tradition; others are more playful and add a twist on tradition. 

Cake pulls don't have to be limited to weddings, however. They are a fun addition to children's birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, graduations, holiday parties, and all sorts of other occasions. Who doesn't want to be charmed by this fun tradition?  


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