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Wedding Cake Pull Charms, 10 Pieces, Sterling Silver

Wedding Cake Pulls, 10 Pieces

$ 54.99

Make the wedding festivities truly memorable! Sterling silver charms on satin ribbon provide the perfect take-away gift for bridesmaids and wedding guests. Each pull comes with an individual keepsake card that describes the charm's meaning. Sets come standard on white ribbon, but an alternate color can be selected using the button above. 

  • Picture Frame - A Lifetime of Memories
  • Anchor - Love is Steady and True
  • Cross - Peaceful and Tranquil Life
  • Fleur de Lis - For a Life of Prosperity
  • Butterfly - Eternal Beauty
  • Four-Leaf Clover - A Life of Good Luck
  • Heart - True and Enduring Love
  • Star - Wishes Come True
  • Cell Phone - Good Communication
  • Garden Spade - A Nurturing Spirit

Purchase bracelets to give the bridesmaids, and they will have a special way to remember your day.

Please note that, on occasion, we must substitute a charm based on current inventory. 

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