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A Charming Story

Let's get personal. Charm bracelets are just that: personal to the wearer. The collection of charms on a bracelet can tell the story of places traveled to, family members, hobbies, sports, or a combination of all these things. Charms have meanings, and wearing those charms is a way to tell a story on your wrist.

Take our customer who put together a bracelet that told the story of how her friend met her Mr. Right. The first charm on the bracelet was a computer, because they met online. The next charm was a set of silverware, because their first date was a dinner date. Then there was a charm for the place they traveled to on their first trip. A charm for the city where the couple chose to live was next on the bracelet, and a wedding ring charm rounded out the piece because, yes, this story ended with a proposal! 

Another customer put together a memorable bracelet for a graduating nurse. An "RN" charm along with an initial, a book charm, a computer charm, and a graduation cap charm made a perfect commencement present. 

Some stories span decades. One customer received a charm bracelet with a single charm from her grandmother when she was little. Through the years, she added a charm at a time as she traveled to different places and developed her interests. Charm bracelets don't need to be "finished" on a given timeline--they can evolve over years.

As you think about starting a charm bracelet, think about what story yours will tell. There are so many possibilities!  




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