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A Novel Idea About Charm Bracelets

The number one new release in "Mothers & Children Fiction" on Amazon at the moment is The Charm Bracelet, by Viola Shipman. It tells the story of three generations of women reconnecting through the stories told by charms collected over a lifetime. 

The author pulled from real life experiences in writing the novel, saying, "It was through the charms on my grandmother's bracelet that I got to know her. I found that each charm held a story, a key that unlocked a secret part of her life." 

Here's the twist, though--Viola Shipman is a pen name. This novel is actually written by Wade Rouse. Surprise! Rouse says he remembers the "jangling" of his real-life grandmother's charm bracelet and that he wrote this novel as a tribute to her. He says it is through his grandmother's own charm bracelet that he got to know her. 

Positively charming. 


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