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Vintage Finds

Search "vintage sterling silver charm bracelets" on eBay, and the results stream in like books a library. The screen is populated with bracelet upon bracelet, and each one seems to have a story to tell. It's fascinating to think about who each bracelet originally belonged to and why she chose the charms she did. 

A recent perusal of vintage bracelets began with a telephone-themed charm bracelet. Among the charms are a repairman scaling a telephone pole, several iterations of phones, and a spool of telephone wire. Was this worn by someone who worked in the industry? Or was it worn by someone who was fascinated with telephones? It's fun to imagine. 

Another bracelet is filled solely with attendance award charms.Each charm lists a different year of attendance, from one to four. Someone was apparently present a lot! 

Theme bracelets also are in abundance. An Alaska-themed bracelet, a Hawaiian-island themed bracelet, and a twelve days of Christmas bracelet are some recent finds. 

It's also interesting to see how many charms are included on the bracelets. There are some with only a single charm, like a heart or a baby shoe, and others with as many as 40. 

These vintage treasures surely played a special role in the owner's life. That is what makes collecting charms so fun--they help tell a charming story, and one that can last.   





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